Il Percorso Artistico, le Parcour Artistique, the Artistic Route, al Camino Artistico

The medieval borough of Etroubles is about to become an open-air museum with the works of world famous artists together with Gianadda Foundation-Martigny.
The exhibition is part of a larger project called “A Etroubles avant toi sont passés…..(In Etroubles many important people have passed through…..) and financed by the European Social Fund. It originates from the intent of the Borough Council to make the most of the historical centre of the village.

The council itself had the idea of a permanent exhibition in the heart of the Great St. Bernard Valley with sculptures, frescoes and paintings.
The Administration took up office in 2000 and have been working for a long time to focus attention on the borough. Thanks to a new road to the schools, the town-hall and the parish church, the main access to and through the borough will soon be predestrianized.
New parking spaces will be created outside the town centre and the existing car-parks will be improved. The real change will take place in 2005 with the opening of the exhibition. Thanks to the collaboration of the Gianadda Foundation, the exhibition will include 16 artists at a cost of Euro 150.000. During the autumn of 2004 and the spring 2005 the local population will be invited to attend seminars in order to connect the Museum to new and improved tourism strategy and services.

Amongst the Italian artists you will find: the painter and sculptor Savaltore Sebaste, one of the best representatives of art in the south of Italy; the sculptors Alberto Gambale and Sergio Zanni from Ferrara; the painter Carlo Brenna from Milan; Andrea Granchi from Florence; amongst the French artists Albert Féraud, the greatest living sculptor from the other side of the Alps; Guido Magnone; the painter Evelyne Otis Bacchi. The family of the late theatrical painter Norbert Verzotto will generously donate one of his works. From amongst the Swiss artists the famous Hans Herni is of particular note together with Yves Dana.

Last but not least Assaf Mekhtier, native to Azerbaidjan and resident in Aosta. The wooden sculptures by Giulio Schiavon and Siro Vierin and some works by Chicco Margaroli and Franco Balan, all artists from the Aosta Valley, will complete the exhibition.
We would like to thank the following people who have dedicated their time to organizing the exhibition: the art critic and part of the editorial staff of “L’Osservatore Romano” and of other art reviews Elisabetta Pozzetti:; the exhibition promoter Alessandro Parella; Studio Seghesio and Grivon for the graphics; Maurizio Statti and Jean Paul Vai for the organization of the seminars for the tourism development.

Everybody is welcome to the opening of the exhibition on 20th May 2005.

1 Evelyne
Otis Bacchi
2 Franco
3 Carlo
4 Yves
5 Hans
6 Albert
7 Alberto
8 Andrea
9 Guido
10 Chicco
11 Assaf
12 Giulio
13 Salvatore
14 Norbert
15 Siro
16 Sergio

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